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Cloudy – Cheapest and Simplest Cloud Storage Solution

Cloudy is the Cheapest, Simplest, and Most Secure Cloud Storage Solution for Everyone on ANY Device.

If you're looking for a private, fast, and inexpensive cloud storage space to store your business's data with team collaboration, you're in the right place.

Store any file type in one place including photos, designs, drawings, recordings, videos, documents.

Access Cloudy anywhere from your computer, phone or tablet. Your files will always be synced!

User Security and Privacy is before money. On Cloudy, encryption is heavily used, and we eliminate any risk or unauthorized attempt to access your files.

Invite your teammates, family members, friends to view, download, and collaborate on all the data in Cloudy whenever needed.​

Did you know?

Cloudy's double-layer encryption allows a secure and private session without risking the seamless experience.


With Cloudy, you can store your personal and work files in one secure place, separated by workspaces, accessible accessible from any device.


Mistakenly deleted files from your storage? No worries! Quickly find your accidentally deleted files in your trash bin.

Here Is Some Of What Cloudy Has For You

Simplicity with an easy-to-use user interface, ensuring a great user experience.

Upload your files faster than ever, with no rate limits and low latency.

Share and manage permissions on every uploaded file. Use workspaces or send shareable links to your friends, family, and coworkers.

Drag-and-drop single or multiple files into Cloudy. Let us take care of the rest.

Preview images, documents and files instantly

That's not all, click here to see an in-depth features overview and explore what Cloudy has to offer and why it is the best alternative.

Download the App!

Android App

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Desktop App

Official Version

Whether you're looking for Professional or Personal Use.


Back up copies of your files securely in one single place. Forget about data loss.


Work with your colleagues on your projects. Use workspaces to organize your work.

One subscription, Both purposes

Why Cloudy Is The Best Alternative

"When i saw Cloudy once i did not think that there is such an extremely affordable cloud storage service and so i checked their feedback, i was convinced and i tested Cloudy for free as i know that there isn't fake services who offer a geniune free trial, and i was fascinated of how fast i was upgraded to the Pro plan, literally instantly! I love using Cloudy and i hope there will be some integrations with other platforms!"

M. Saad Cloudy Subscriber

"The moment i reviewed Cloudy's pricing and plans, i knew it was the one. So simple and cost effective unlike Dropbox which were overwhelming to use and well pricey. It's the best alternative i found."

Z. Dennis Cloudy Subscriber

"Cloudy is amazingly cheap, simple and has many features and an absolutely free active support which i personally find very helpful and kind. Dropbox and Gdrive combined cannot compare to Cloudy's aggressive pricing system and it is getting better and better after each update. I can't wait to see what to come."

O. Zahad Cloudy Subscriber

"I like cloudy because i pay just 8 bucks a month and get double the value of other providers, 200Gb of space i can access anywhere and anytime with no restritions and i feel confident ever since my files are safe in the cloud to check them anytime unlimited access, it is really the cheapest recommended to other providers users."

E. José Cloudy Subscriber

    Cloudy vs Others - Plan Comparison

    Storage space
    Ultimate privacy and anonymity
    Personal data analysis
    Potential privacy risks
    Users limit
    Access limit
    Shared room
    File restoration
    File types
    File control
    File requests
    File search
    Data transfer
    API calls
    API access
    Email support
    Live chat support
    $19.99/mo – $203.88/ye
    2 TB
    256 bit AES Encryption
    6 Users
    Full Access
    30 Days
    Up to 2 GB per transfer
    More limits
    Google Drive
    2 TB
    $9.99/month – $99.99/year
    2 TB
    128 bit AES Encryption
    Full Access
    30 Days
    All file types
    Up to 750 GB per day
    More limits
    $13.99/mo – $99.99/ye
    2 TB
    256 bit AES/TLS Encryption
    More Unlimited

    Frequently Asked Questions - Help

    Absolutely. Cloudy is built with privacy in mind, stores all data in super-secure isolated servers enciphered with a private key, with 99.9999% durability meaning 0.0001% data loss (non-existent). The security team is always working on improving and patching new security holes. We know you hate when the big cloud storage service providers snoop in on your data, that's why Cloudy exists, to protect your privacy and keep your anonymity while providing the best ultimate experience. Enjoy storing in-private today.

    You can store any file type in Cloudy as long as it meets our Acceptable Use.

    Files such as Photos, Videos, PDFs, Documents, Applications, Stories, Designs, Drawings, Recordings, and more...

    File Types such as: .jpg .png .exe .pdf .svg .doc .txt .html .zip

    5GB is the Default File Upload Limit however if your file requires more than that, please Contact Us.

    You can recover the files that are still in Trash in your Cloudy storage box, to do so:

    Go to Trash and select the files that you're looking to restore, right-click (hold selected files on touch devices) and click Restore.

    If you deleted the files from Trash, send us a message and we'll see what we can do.

    With the sharing tool, you can share any file with anyone without the need for him to have a Cloudy account, by right-clicking (holding on touch devices) on the file and choosing "Get a shareable link" and adjusting permissions if needed (make sure "Allow Download" is checked and create the link) and then share the file. Anyone with the link will be able to view and download the file.

    Workspaces are shared spaces where teams can store, share and collaborate on files and folders. the principal management tool for companies and teams.

    1. Create a Free Account 

    2. Get a Free 1GB to try it out although we know you'll love the simplicity and the pricing model at the first moment!

    3. Upgrade when you're ready for as low as $3.99/mo

    Indeed, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan without losing your files as the process just need to assign the features and storage space for that plan, yet you cannot downgrade to a plan with lower storage space than what you're currently using on your plan.

    Yes, you can request a custom storage space if your personal or business need requires more space/functionalities. To request, contact us using this contact form or contact Sales, and include your Cloudy account name, and let's negotiate your requirements.

    For Cloudy, use our live chat or this contact form to reach us and we'll get back to you soon.

    Find Everything You Need And More. It's Time To Migrate To Cloudy, Don't You Think? Or Let Us Help You Do It.